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We have a great pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the leading NGO Funds & Grants Management Associates of Bengaluru. Shaastha Regal Grants Foundation (here after referred as SRGF) has been formed and run by group of people who are working with National and International Funding (Donor) Organizations. We provide Liaison and Consulting Services through which managing Project Funds and Grants gets easier .

SRGF Overview

  • Our Mission

    SRGF's mission is to help people overcome disadvantage and lack of opportunity, so that they can realise their potential and enjoy fulfilling and creative lives. SRGF is driven by a firm belief that in giving we receive, we pledge to make a real difference for those who are in need of the helping hand of humanity at the most.

  • Our Resources

    Never worry about grant size. We at SRGF are not only well resourced, we identify and fund outstanding non-profits to ensure that people of all backgrounds in India have the opportunity to build healthy, productive and inspiring lives. This helps to achieve your prosocial project goals without any deficiency.

  • Our Way

    SRGF aims to be more than a grant-maker in that, as well as providing funding, we endeavour to develop excellent relationships to work alongside those we support. We identify best-in-class organizations through the application process, monitor and measure the performance of our grantees.

  • Effectiveness

    We set ourselves high standards for how we operate. We aim to ensure the responsible investment and effective deployment of our endowment. We strive for efficiency and effectiveness in our internal processes for managing our resources and grants efficiently.

We are one of the leading NGO Funds & Grants Management Associates of Bengaluru!

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Our Focus Areas

  • Health Projects

  • Education

  • Disability

  • Shelter

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