SRGF Grant Terms

SRGF Grants Funds to NGOs working on various Issues in India.

Deadline-Throught the year.

SRGF is a Non-profit initiative created to Support Innovative Organizations with a Goal to promote Excellence among Individuals, improve the quality of life of those living on the edges of the Society.

Priority Regions

At present Trusts/NGO's of only Bengaluru are preferred.

Grant Size and Duration

There is no minimum or maximum Grant size. The value you request will be the value you receive.

The cost can include running Costs such as Staff, Salaries, Stationary, Rent, Rates and Utilities.

SRGF Accepts your proposal for up to three years.

Eligibility Criteria

To be Eligible for our grants support, any Organization must poses :

Certificate of Registration,12A and 80G

FCRA Certificates, 35AC-35[1][ii] and 35[1][iii]. (Furnish if Aavailable)

Organizations should have been Existing from a minimum of 5 years.

Niti Aayog Enrollment.

Audited financial statements for the last three years.

SRGF does not support individuals or Profit Companies.

Applicant must not be paid Employee or Consultant with any Organization.

Applicant must not be office bearer of any political party or Organization.

Applicant or the Organization must not been Convicted of any offence.

Non-Indian Organizations without FCRA registration will not be supported.

The Organization should be registered as Trust/ Society/ Non-Profit only Not as Profit Companies that implements Social Development Projects in India.

The Organization should have a governing Board/Council and should disclose the Profile of the Board members Including the Chairperson, Directors and Key Employees of the Organization.

The Organization should have a good working relationship and contexts with its communities.

The Organization should not be Affiliated with any Political Party.

The Organization should Ensure Compliance with all Laws and Regulations.

The Organization should follow Transparent Accounting Practices. It should provide Signed Audited Statements along with the statutory Auditors Report.

The Beneficiaries of the project must primarily be the poor / The Backward / The Tribal / The Under Privileged / The Physically Challenged / The Socially Deprived.

Eligible to all the above Terms?
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